Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shakespeare & Jolly

This is a cartoon my partners and I have created. I have done all the artwork: characters, backgrounds, and color.
The premise: an unemployed Shakespearean actor takes a job driving an ice cream truck. With each truck comes a jolly little clown to drum up business. Polar opposites, Shakes and Jolly try to make a living under the scrutiny of their domineering boss, insane meter maids, and strange playground dwellers. Not to mention a unique racial twist.

Ace Bogart Space Ape

I did design and color layout on this flash pilot for Klasky Csupo.

Junk Yard Teddies

I did visual development on this pilot for Klasky Csupo.

Rock Stars Pilot

I was the Art Director on this pilot for Klasky Csupo. I designed the background and color styles. It was fun.

Transformers Animated

I was the background designer for the third season of Transformers Anmated. The majority of the interiors I designed I also built in Sketchup Pro as 3D models. I really enjoyed that job.

My Take on Sunset Boulevard

This is a personal project. I went through the script of Billy Wilder's 1949 film: Sunset Boulevard and designed all the major locations as if I were the art director/set designer. The locations that needed to be historically acurate are, the others I created based on the discription of the scene in the script. THESE ARE NOT THE SHOTS IN THE MOVIE they are my compositions.
There are 18 drawings in the series, the average size is 13.5" by 32" but the biggest (Norma Desmond's living room) is 13.5" by 7 feet!
I had a gallery show in 2005. It was incredibly gratifying to have over 100 friends and well wishers attend the opening night! Many thanks friends.


This is an animated show concept my partners and I created. I designed the characters and the backgrounds. Kevin Gallegely painted them.
Basically; the show is about the life and times Ira (Stretch) Smith, teenage son of "plastic man" (retired). Set in a hidden town of superheros...and villains.

Real Monsters

I was the lead designer on the three seaeons of Real Monsters. It was a lo of fun.

RugRats: Go Wild

I was the lead designer on the third and last RugRats. These are production designs for that film.

RugRats in Paris

I was the lead designer on all three RugRats movies. This is some visual development for the second movie: Rug Rats in Paris.

RugRats: All Grown Up

I was the lead designer on All Grown Up.

RugRats T.V.

I designed on many seasons of RugRats, starting on season 2 and going to the end on season 10.

The Simpsons Movie

I was a background designer on The Simpsons Movie. I designed a lot of locations but the Itchy and Scratchy sequence was my baby. I did it all. :-)

Sketchup models

These are some Sketchup models I have built for various projects.

Anime Cyborgs

These are some cyborgs I designed.
I was inspired by the cyborgs in
Quake 2.